Residents  Encounter Christ - REC- Prison Ministry

Mission Statement
It is the purpose of Missouri Residents Encounter Christ, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to provide an opportunity for the incarcerated to personally encounter Jesus Christ within themselves and others by witnessing and experiencing Christian community, the sacraments, and Pascal Mystery.

About REC
Residents Encounter Christ is a three day retreat weekend based on the Pascal Mystery. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Participants experience the message of Christ through participation in music, discussions, talks, prayer, scripture, liturgy and celebration. Each of the 3 parts of retreat has a central theme:
"Die Day" centered on the death of Jesus Christ.
"Rise Day" a joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
"Go Day" explores the continuous call to spread the Good News.

Our REC Community is made up of: ordinary people who are Catholic and Protestant, over the age of 21, and who feel called by the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel to the incarcerated. If you feel the Holy Spirit is calling you please contact us.


We are sponsored by Jefferson City Dioceses; however no funds are received from them. We are a non-for-profit organization and we accept donations to keep the ministry thriving in Missouri prisons. Please click on "Contact Us" to make a donation.